1-11-10, Kitamae,
Chatan-cho Nakagami-gun,
Okinawa, 904-0117, Japan


Ishigaki Cattle & Agu Pigs, growing up carefree on the island.

It is our farm Yuimarl that supplies the meat served in Yakiniku Kinjo. Ishigakijima is a small island about 400 km south of the Okinawa Main Island, surrounded by one of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world.

Ishigakijima Yuimarl Farm is located on a hill in Shiraho, overlooking the beautiful sea surrounding Ishigaki Island. Ishigaki Cattle at Ishigakijima Yuimarl Farm, are raised free range under the glittering sun, grazing stress free on grass which was grown on the island.

Ishigakijima Yuimarl Farm performs a consistent production of Ishigaki Beef, from breeding to fattening. We study the characteristics of each cattle from when they are young to raise them in a way that is the most suited to them.

We focus on the fattening of female cattle, which have softer textures, over a longer period in comparison to the time spent fattening the regular Ishigaki Beef. This allows us to raise Ishigaki Beef that is finer in texture and palate-enticing in flavor, which we can market and expand as the top Ishigaki Beef brand, Ishigakijima Kinjo Beef.

Ishigakijima Yuimarl Farm also produces pure Okinawan Agu pigs called phantom black pigs, also from breeding to fattening. 

Agu pigs give birth to a less number of offspring, grow slower, and are smaller in comparison to western pigs, therefore, producing less meat. We can say that it is a rare brand of pigs.

Their meat, however, is soft and is characterized by the sweetness and umami of their fat. Ishigakijima Yuimarl Farm markets and expands a unique brand, Ishigaki Agu Pork.

The Ishigaki Beef restaurant, Yakiniku Kinjo, is the first places that comes to mind when speaking of Ishigaki Beef and Agu Pork in Okinawa. Ishigaki Beef and Agu Pork served in Yakiniku Kinjo are directly shipped from Yuimarl Farm on Ishigaki. Enjoy handpicked and traceable Ishigaki Beef and Agu Pork that was fattened over a long period by grilling them over a charcoal fire.